3D Printed Steel Pendants and a DIY Pendant Display Rack

I’ve been designing quite a few pendants that are 3D printed in steel. I’m getting ready to sell them at upcoming popup selling events during the summer months and I wanted an inexpensive and compact display rack. I created a rack from a book stand and I love the result! This is my second version — my first one was created using and old cookbook stand, but it was too heavy and clunky to haul around. For this one, I started with this bookstand from Amazon.

Here’s what I did to transform the book stand:

  • I removed the screwed on bottom shelf
  • I stuck some small command hooks onto the back of the stand, with the hooks facing downward
  • I used some Gorilla clear tape to wrap and attach some gray fleece around the stand. I like the fleece because it feels nice, is slightly stretchy, and it’s dirt cheap. I cut slits in the fabric so that it could go over the hooks.

Here’s what the back of the stand looks like with the pendants hanging onto the hooks.

I really like this stand because I can adjust the angle so that the pendants are easily seen by passers-by and the hooks on the back prevent the pendants from being easily pulled off when the potential buyers finger the merchandise.

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