A new design – Enneper

My latest design is derived from an Enneper surface. In mathematics, an Enneper surface is a self-intersecting surface introduced by Alfred Enneper 1864 in connection with minimal surface theory. Other than the self-intersecting aspect, I don’t understand much of the other details about this surface, but I love the way it looks!

I started first with a pendant in stainless steel. This the gold-plated steel. This is a great look but I’m also going to print another one in a slightly larger width and height, but leaving the depth the same.

Here’s a silver version of the pendant. This is a pendant cast from a lost wax model which was 3D printed. The cast items can be thinner than the steel and thinner also saves costs, especially with precious metals. Other than the thickness, it has the same dimensions as the steel one.

Finally, I created a pair of earrings based upon the same design. The earrings are larger in all dimensions and the scaling is not uniform. I scaled it up more in depth because I wanted the earrings to have a much more three dimensional look. The pendants need to be flatter so as not to jut out too much from the neckline. The material thickness is a bit higher than that of the steel, both for strength and appearance.

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