My Latest Design as a 3D Printed Pendant in Steel

This is my latest design, which is called “Rosette” because it reminds me of those fried pastries that were popular back in the day. I made this design up first as a 3D printed steel pendant. I’ve also got a pair of stud earrings in gold plate that are arriving from Shapeways soon. The stud earrings will be much smaller. I’m also going to be printing a larger sized design as a pair of plastic earrings. And lastly, my plans for holiday shoppers is to make a smaller sized pendant in sterling silver. The smaller size will keep the price down, and I’ve also noticed that the shiny precious metals do not require as much size to give a good whack factor. The one nice thing about 3D modeling is that one basic design can often be easily adjusted for various sizes and jewelry items.

You can buy this pendant in various materials from my Shapeways shop.

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