Hand Dyeing for the Ombre Look

Today, I wanted to show you some pairs of hand dyed earrings in an ombre color and also show you my makeshift dyeing setup.

I do my dyeing outdoors to avoid accidental messes and also to stay clear of any dye fumes. I use a hotplate and an inexpensive pot or two. The stand consists of an old plastic container with a piece of wood glued to the bottom, which is now the the top. The small pieces of wood are added as I go to control the height as I go to give the ombre look. Yes, those are Lego pieces holding up a chopstick which hangs the earrings from dental floss.

The dyed earrings were done using Jacquard iDyePoly crimson color, and I used only 1/8 teaspoon for the small pot of water. The process takes less than 15 minutes, although I do have to boil the pot with clear water a couple of times afterwards to clear out any remaining stain.

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